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What is PSiO?

PSiO glasses are a portable, modern, and cutting-edge technology that effectively solves mental health problems. These glasses use a combination of light, sound, music, and voices for guided imagery and subconscious behavioral change. The lights used in the glasses are 100% safe for the eyes. The MP3 player is embedded in the glasses, and the experience of using the PSiO light therapy glasses is enhanced and elevated using their Noisebuster headphones. Unlike other claimed competitor light therapy glasses, PSiO glasses are the only ones with no side effects and are proven to work.

Experiencing relaxation sessions and actively practicing mindfulness and positive visualization work complementarily to activate a new neuronal metabolism when you use PSiO programs. In a society fed with sleeping pills, antidepressants, and anxiolytics, PSiO glasses are a natural, evidence-based, scientific solution and opportunity to achieve mental harmony — naturally, without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

For the first time in a long time, a simple and affordable solution is available to you that can be found on the bedside table to generate positive thinking with the practical support of light that acts as a potent catalyst to achieving better sleep, health, and wellness. The benefits of PSiO programs are multiple: emotional harmony, personal growth, improving your performance, strengthened immunity, and even reprogramming subconscious behavior!

How do you pronounce PSiO?

The name “PSiO” comes from the combination of 2 greek letters PSi (Ψ) and Omega (Ω). The 23rd letter in the Greek Alphabet is PSi, pronounced as ‘psee.’ It has the sound of ‘ps’ in the word ‘chips.’ The 24th letter is Omega. So, PSiO is pronounced as psee-o.

  • The Greek letter PSi also means the mind or psyche.
  • Omega means the great O, meaning the ultimate limit of a set.
  • The 5 known human brain waves that PSiO glasses affect safely for mental health and sleep also have their names come from the Greek Alphabet.

Have you heard the saying, “the alpha and the omega?”

Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters, respectively, of the classical (Ionic) Greek Alphabet. “I am the alpha, and the omega” is clarified as “the beginning and the end” in the Book of Revelation. The first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet were used because the Book of Revelation is in the New Testament, originally written in Greek.

The symbol for Psychology: PSi (Ψ)

PSi (Ψ) symbol also represents psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It includes the study of both conscious and unconscious phenomena, including feelings and thoughts, perception, language, and cognition. Psychology is often grouped with other social sciences to study human nature, personality, and motivation. It is a social science that includes several approaches to understanding humans and their behavior. These can include biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, and psychodynamic.

So isn’t the name “PSiO” perfect for a tool that helps us relax our mind in under 8 minutes? PSiO helps us manage our stress easily and sleep better effortlessly as it deals with various brainwave effects and improves our psyche, behavior, and overall health and well-being.

The Effects of PSiO glasses on different Brainwaves

PSiO glasses are scientifically and clinically proven to help you relax and get to Alpha state in under 8 minutes. 

The Theta state is where PSiO may help in conscious behavioral changes like addiction to smoking, drinking, drugs, and eating. And Delta state healing is where you can improve your sleep and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Brain waves oscillate electrical voltages in the brain, measuring just a few millionths of a volt. There are five widely recognized brain waves and the central frequencies of human EEG waves. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a recording of brain activity.

5 types of brainwaves

  • Gamma (γ) Above 35 Hz — Concentration
  • Beta (β)12–35 Hz — Anxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed
  • Alpha (α) 8–12 Hz — Very relaxed, passive attention
  • Theta (θ) 4–8 Hz — Deeply relaxed, inward-focused
  • Delta (δ) 0.5–4 Hz — Sleep

Human brain waves are electrical frequencies correlated with various states of consciousness or arousal. In short, the state encompassing one’s thinking process with its accompanying ego reactions is illustrated by waves of 13 Hz and higher, known as the beta brain waves. At this time, one is focused on the external environment. On the opposite end of the arousal spectrum, they show a predominance of delta or sleep waves (0-4 Hz).

Alpha waves (8–13 Hz) are a bridge between the external world in the inner world and vice versa. This is why we need to take a break often, close our eyes, and relax. Going into the Alpha state often during the day helps the organs and boosts your energy levels. The concept of power naps is proven to improve productivity. PSiO power nap programs are one of my best friends. A 15-minute PSiO power nap can recharge you, helping you be happier and accomplish more during the latter half of your day!

The Theta waves are fascinating as this is where the healing and manifestation happen! There are a lot of theta waves (4-8 Hz) in a person’s brain when focusing on their internal thoughts. At the theta state, a world of hypnogogic imagery, several alpha-theta patients encountered their “inner healer,” who represents their shift from victim consciousness into empowerment.

PSiO programs are outstanding, empowering methods for theta healing and subconscious behavioral changes. Simple, easy to use, yet powerfully effective.

Delta waves are the slowest recorded human brain waves. Infants and young children display more delta waves because sleeping is their primary task. Delta waves are associated with profound relaxation, restorative, and healing sleep levels. Delta waves are also seen in brain injuries, learning disabilities, people’s inability to think, and cases of severe ADHD. If the Delta wave is suppressed, it leads to a failure of the body to rejuvenate itself, revitalize the brain, and poor sleep. 

Delta waves are present during deep sleep and are particularly relevant to our immune system. Adequate production can help us feel completely revitalized, boosting the immune system and ensuring natural healing.

PSiO evening and sleep programs help you achieve Delta state in 28 to 38 minutes. Regular use of the PSiO glasses enhances your quality of life by helping you manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, and work better.

Who can use PSiO glasses?

PSiO glasses and programs are safe for toddlers, young kids to adults of all ages. Unfortunately, people with epilepsy or seizures cannot use PSiO glasses. This is the only contraindication; the flickering lights in some programs can trigger an episode if you have a prior history, so do not use these glasses if that is the case.

The PSiO catalog has over 200 programs called Audiosceuticals that help users with mental health, personal development, overcoming sleep disorders, and achieving health goals. Sometimes, people ask me, what if these glasses won’t work for them? My answer is these glasses won’t work if you don’t use them. If you have the discipline to add PSiO glasses to your daily routine, you will experience a positive shift within a week.

From a scientific perspective, there is no difference between medical and wellness devices. The device or tool or tech either works or does not. PSiO works. Will you let it do the job it is designed for — help you relax, sleep better, and be more empowered? 

PSiO Results!

With PSiO light therapy glasses, you can finally get the relief you need from your chronic headaches and migraines.

PSiO light therapy glasses are a great way to improve your mood and energy levels. They are also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

PSIO light therapy glasses are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. They help you feel more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Improve Your Sleep, Achieve Better Mental Health & Overall Wellbeing

PSiO glasses are an all-natural, portable, and easy-to-use tool that helps you achieve quality sleep

Disclaimer: We are here to educate our readers about the PSiO glasses. We are not making any medical claims. Please consult your doctors and healthcare providers, if you have a medical condition. People suffering from epilepsy or seizures should not use PSiO glasses. If you need more info, fill out the form below.

A portable device

Whether at home, at work, or on vacation. A fantastic tool that you can easily take along and enjoy at any time.

A scientifically proven technology

PSiO technology has been used with great success in sleep laboratories for over 30 years in Belgium. Dr. Patrick Lemoine, a renowned sleep specialist, doctor of neuroscience, and research director at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, has achieved the most impressive results with his insomnia patients using the PSiO glasses.

No side effects and certified to all standards

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, PSiO glasses have no side effects. PSiO has also obtained a certificate of total safety for the eyes from the French National Measurement Laboratory (LNE). PSiO is backed by 30 years of science and clinical studies.

Learn to Let Go

PSiO technology offers an innovative, simple, effective solution to regain sleep quality. Stimulation by light at exact rhythms naturally induces a state of “letting go,” which is highly conducive to positive suggestion and falling asleep.

An all-in-one solution

PSiO glasses are a faithful companion of the mind, easy to use, and achieve remarkable results without effort. The state of total calm induces restful sleep for a peaceful night.

psio light therapy glasses

Trusted by over 100 hospitals & healthcare professionals in Europe

PSiO is used by top-of-the-line hospitality industry spas, hotels, and over 150 hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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