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Welcome to Unfold Your Health Virtual Wellness Center for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Achieve Better Health and Wellness through

alternative and integrated mind-body medicine and tools.

At Unfold Your Health, Gagan Sarkaria and her team explore the world of mind-body medicine and how it can complement traditional medicine. Gagan provides readers, viewers, her clients, and the community an in-depth look at how the mind body intervention works to transform and support your healthy wellbeing and lifestyle.

Unfold Your Health company offers mind body techniques, revolutionary patented technologies, wellness tools, and nutritional services, reverse-engineered to support your body’s natural “inner doctor.” Our purpose is to offer you insights, information, and inspirational solutions that may activate and recharge your mind, body, and soul for a healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Whether you are struggling with stress, blood pressure, battling mental illness, chronic pain, or undergoing treatment for physical health, adding alternative medicine and mind body approaches to your wellness routine may enhance and speed up your recovery to put you on a different prognosis pathway.

At Unfold Your Health, our mission is to transform lives through complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and breakthrough wellness consulting. We offer natural and alternative solutions to health and wellness. We are dedicated to educating people to live their best lives through mind body therapies and integrative medicine.

CAM has the power to transform lives. Our goal is to provide education and support, so people can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. We are committed to helping people find natural solutions that work for them. CAM, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, can be a powerful tool for achieving this goal.

Meet the Wellness Center Director, Gagan Sarkaria

Holistic Life and High Achievement Business Coach, based in Texas

I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to creating abundance in health and wellness. The vibrational frequencies of our mind, body, and soul impact one another, and you can see the results almost immediately. By detoxifying your body at emotional and spiritual levels, you reduce the stress and trauma your body has stored for decades.

We live in a constant state of stress, so we must teach our minds and bodies to relax. Our body has the ability to heal itself. It also keeps a score of every significant stressor and life-changing event we have encountered. So the secret is to allow your body and mind to release the stored low-level energetic vibrations like fear, rejection, shame, guilt, and abandonment through various mind body therapies. Through relaxation, stress management, getting your body to a state of homeostasis, and strengthening your natural immune system, your body may start to function better, and your quality of life can improve.

My approach to achieving success, and abundance in life, health, and business is comprehensive and collaborative. Most people have been out of sync with mind-body awareness, our environment, relationships, finances, and overall life. I’ve spent 12 years using and applying Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in my life and businesses. I started my professional wellness journey with Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, and meditation in 2010. Currently, I am working towards my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and will, at completion, be a Doctor of Metaphysics!

A metaphysical doctor has various holistic healing tools to help heal at the spirit level. While medical doctors work at the body level and psychologists at the mind level, metaphysical therapists work at the spirit level to get to the root cause of problems and find solutions that create positive results. This is what I am good at — finding solutions to your wellness problems and creating quality and transformational results through mind body therapies and approaches.

My specialties include astrology, Feng Shui, divination, energy medicine, light therapy, PEMA therapy, Reiki healing, distance healing, herbal and nutritional supplements, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, chakra balancing, heart-centered hypnotherapy, meditation using mudras and mantras, and life and wellness coaching.

To find out what mind-body medicine methodology is right for you, book your wellness consultation with one of our center’s wellness practitioners.


Mind-Body Medicine Therapies and Programs

Our Energy Medicine Practice

Our Energy Medicine Practice uses different healing modalities for emotional, spiritual or physical healing. It can open up your blockages, reduce symptoms, and offer immediate improvement in your situation, suffering or pain. Energy Medicine is non-invasive and comprehensive.

Our Light Therapy Tool uses light stimulation, relaxation music and audio suggestions to improve sleep, change behaviors, transform your mind and the immune system. It’s clinically proven to counter anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, and sleep disorders.

Our Pulsing Electromagnetic Activation Therapy improves blood circulation at microvascular levels. Our patented PEMA technology reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and increases vitality. The device is scientifically proven to improve quality of life.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade that in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

— Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

Here’s Why You Will Love Our Approach

Here’s Why You Will Love Our Approach

It focuses on prevention

Each generation is faced with its own health challenge. When you focus on mind and body medicine to strengthen yourself inside and out, you’re better able to heal yourself or achieve your wellness goals. We guide you to take your mind, body and soul to the next level.

Depending on your needs assessment, your health and wellness coach at Unfold Your Health may use or recommend:

It’s gentle on the mind, body and spirit

Maybe you’ve tried different approaches to improve your health and wellness, only to end up feeling worse or to see no results at all. Our approaches use positive vibrational energy or natural medicines to improve your internal and external health.

What Approach Will Work Best For You?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to holistic health. Our wellness consultations are customized to each individual.


“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

— Thomas A. Edison (1847 – 1931)

What Others Are Saying About Us?


Dr. Mary Lynne Fernandez

Colorado, USA

I was in a place of transition but hesitant to take action. Hearing about Gagan’s life map reading, and mind body approaches, I knew that was what I needed. It helped identify areas of my life that needed healing. My health suffered from stress, anxiety, and depression. With Gagan’s soulful mentoring, healing powers, and ancient wisdom teaching, I was able to heal childhood wounds, overcome anxiety deep within my body and show up fully present and open to anyone and anything.

Lilly Witherspoon

Lilly Witherspoon

Texas, USA

With all the pain and changes in life, I usually only get to sleep for about 4 hours every night. Two weeks ago, I told Gagan about my pain and health-related issues. She did an energy healing session and removed some blockages. I went home and slept for 10 hours, not one but two consecutive nights. I have not felt this relaxed in years. I am super excited and looking forward to receiving coaching and advice from Gagan. I highly recommend her Energy Medicine practice.

Dr. Georgina Hale

Dr. Georgina Hale

Buderim, Australia

I met Gagan at the International Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) Conference and immediately felt a connection. I hired Gagan as my book coach due to her integrative approach to creating abundance in life and business. I had been stuck with writing my book for over a year. I was fascinated by Gagan’s approach to business development, book writing, and publishing. Her unique process, knowledge, and wisdom took me on my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey, unleashing my book, life, relationships, and business to new heights. I highly recommend working with her no matter what area of growth and healing you want to achieve. She’s got your back!

Bruce Green headshot

Bruce Green

Arizona, USA

Working closely with Gagan has allowed me to see things through a different lens. How stuck energy or old patterns can manifest into physical ailments, discomforts, and diseases or even in toxic relationships. There are ways to release negative energy from our body and environment to create abundance in our lives. I am grateful for Gagan’s presence, friendship, guidance, and support. For anyone looking to co-create miraculous transformations in life, health, and relationships, reach out and work with Gagan! You will be glad you took the step.

Jim Spina headshot

Jim Spina

Maryland, USA

I am a retired nuclear physicist and published author. I worked with Gagan to get unstuck in my book-writing phase. On my first call with her, before I hired her, she pleasantly surprised me with her questions about my health and relationships, which was not possible for anyone to know unless they were in my inner circle of friends and family. Gagan is a highly intuitive and connected soul. During the 4 months I worked with her, I had a cooking accident and suffered from 3rd-degree burns. Gagan picked up my physical pain during her energy healing session and reached out as soon as I got home from the ER visit. The doctors had suggested a skin draft and plastic surgery, which I did not want. Gagan looked at the photos of my burnt hand and confidently said, “We can heal your hand, Jim, and you will not need any surgery. Are you up for the challenge?” What could I have said besides a YES? We began on a Thursday late at night. Gagan did 4 distant energy healing sessions for me in 3 days, as I had an appointment with a wound specialist on Monday. My doctor was shocked to see the improvement and healing that my hand went through. A week after my accident, I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon, who told me that in 32 years of her professional experience, she had never seen a miracle like my hand. In 4 weeks of working with Gagan, my hand was fully healed with no scars. She believes in co-creating miraculous transformations and definitely delivers!

Jennifer Martinez

Jennifer Martinez

Texas, USA

Gagan’s healing sessions and coaching allowed me to gain clarity on various aspects of my life and create the growth and fulfillment that was lacking. Her holistic approach to creating abundance in life and career is fascinating. Working with her helped me get to the root cause of my pain, which freed me to move forward courageously. I highly recommend working with Gagan to find your clarity, courage, and confidence at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Susie Tremblay Brown

Susie Tremblay-Brown

California, USA

I have worked with Gagan consecutively for almost 18 months. I needed healing to relieve my physical and emotional pains, move past my false beliefs and gain clarity. With the new awareness and clarity I gained from her coaching and distant energy healing sessions, my success followed and is continuing to unfold. One time, Gagan stepped in with her distant healing session when the doctors could not figure out what was happening to me in the ICU, and I was not stable for 3 days. 20 minutes after her healing session, I was stable. I have found the experience of working with Gagan to be remarkably transformational.

Dr Kim Nugent

Dr. Kim Nugent

Texas, USA

I went to my doctor and got medicine to help provide relief. What I found was that the medication only made my condition worse. It also added side effects that my stomach could not handle. Gagan suggested a long-distance Energy Healing session. She sensed and picked up pain and blockages in my knee, heart chakra, and eyes. Gagan gave me a new perspective and the energy to heal faster without medication.

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