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Gagan Sarkaria

Gagan Sarkaria

Gagan’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Having successfully launched multiple ventures and carved a niche for herself in the business world, she is now on a mission to help people achieve optimal health and wellness through her innovative products and services. Gagan is the Founder and CEO of Unfold Your Health company.


Ernie Vogel

Ernie Vogel is a Certified Centropix Affiliate and a passionate professional with accounting and business development background. With 30+ years of industry experience, he brings astute knowledge and know-hows on team and business growth.


Clay Pittman

A serial entrepreneur and a pro-fitness athlete, Clay is passionate about alternative medicine, business development, and Centropix. He joined the mission and our Centropix family to be the change in his family and community.


Jenny Luetkemeyer

Jenny Luetkemeyer is a Centropix Independent Affiliate and Unfold Your Health Brand Partner in Naples, Florida. Jenny brings a wealth of passion and understanding of the mind-body-soul, along with sales, communication and business-building strategies.


Dr. Sandra Marquez-Hall

Dr. Hall is a Certified Centropix Brand Partner in Fort-Worth, Texas, and brings decades of knowledge and experience in healthcare industry to Unfold Your Health company, partners and clients. She is a trusted advisor with a passion to improving quality of life and community building.

Asees Sarkaria

Asees is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based Centropix affiliate. He is passionate about overall health and wellbeing and how our lifestyles, relationships, eating habits, and mental health affects our minds and bodies.

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