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E-smog converter, pulsating magnetic field and frequency code transmitter in one necklace pendant



A Masterpiece of Modern Time!

Benefits of the BUBBLE

  • Converting of non-thermal e-smog
  • Improvement of sleep
  • Natural earth frequency codes (8Hz), for skin & metabolism
  • Increased cognition
  • Adaptability of the heart*
  • Unblocking chakras**
  • More life energy
  • Strengthening of bioresilience (resistance)
  • Mental relaxation

Your Body & Well-Being Are Being Continuously Threatened

By something you don’t even see. That threat is based on electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).

On an average day, you get exposed to 20-40 sources of negative EMF, including:

  • Your Wi-Fi router
  • Your Bluetooth headphones
  • 4G & 5G cellular communication towers
  • Even the “dirty” electricity hidden in your walls

Some components of this radiation exposure creates a long list of problems that impact your everyday health and wellness, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • General Discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Headache

How Does The BUBBLE Work?

The Centropix BUBBLE contains precise and complex technology.

The BUBBLE is programmed and charged by impulses (exposure) from a specially developed resonance radiation technique. Frequencies that counter interference fields (known as electro-smog or electromagnetic pollution caused by electrical equipment, such as all kinds of transmitters and receivers, are recorded as information by the BUBBLE.

The BUBBLE may be worn at any age*, though certain restrictions apply.


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What is the BUBBLE and what does it do?

The BUBBLE is a wearable pendant that contains advanced patented technology that converts non-thermal e-smog frequency codes to nature-like frequency codes to restore the body's energy and well-being, increased mental relaxation, and unblocking of heart chakras.

Who invented the BUBBLE?

The BUBBLE was invented by Dr. Alfred Gruber, who has been researching the neutralization of e-smog for over 30 years. He established networks with many scientists and experts of different disciplines to develop the BUBBLE and COCOON, which are recognized for their practicable applications.

How does the BUBBLE protect against e-smog?

The BUBBLE converts non-thermal e-smog frequency codes and provides the wearer with nature-like frequency codes to restore the body's energy and well-being. It also strengthens the "inner doctor," allowing the body to respond better to external stress and protect against the effects of e-smog.

What are the advantages of using the BUBBLE?

The BUBBLE provides several advantages, including improved sleep quality, increased mental relaxation, unblocking of heart chakras, improved cognition, and increased resilience.

Can the BUBBLE be used for medical purposes?

No, CENTROPIX, the company behind the BUBBLE, does not provide any medical services, and the product is not intended to detect, prevent, monitor, treat, or alleviate any disease. If you have health problems or questions about your health, always consult your doctor.

How long does the BUBBLE's battery last?

The BUBBLE can be used for up to two weeks without recharging, making it travel-friendly.

What is magnetic field deficiency syndrome?

Magnetic field deficiency syndrome is a condition in which the body can not get the energy it needs to live. This is because the earth's magnetic field is getting smaller. Modern technologies, such as cell phones, WiFi, and electric cars, increase the amount of radiation people are exposed to. This can cause stress.

How does the BUBBLE mimic a soothing forest atmosphere?

The BUBBLE provides a pulsating magnetic field and nature-like frequency codes to help center the wearer's life energy and give them a feeling of calmness.

Who should use the BUBBLE?

The BUBBLE is designed for people who want to feel good both at home and on the go, and who are looking for ways to protect themselves against the effects of e-smog and restore their well-being.

How can I get support for the BUBBLE?

CENTROPIX provides support for the BUBBLE and offers information on its website about the product's features, benefits, and usage.

What are the CENTROPIX products?

ENTROPIX products are pioneering wellness technologies that aim to protect against the invisible dangers of modern stressors and recharge missing life energy. These products include KLOUD, COCOON, and BUBBLE.

What are the benefits of wearing the BUBBLE?

Customers have reported various benefits such as feeling more focused, rested, and having more vitality. The BUBBLE has also helped with better visual acuity, freer breathing, and increased dream ability.

What is the Dream Team 100% Life Energy?

The Dream Team 100% Life Energy refers to the trilogy of CENTROPIX products: KLOUD, COCOON, and BUBBLE. These products complement each other perfectly to protect against modern stressors and recharge missing life energy.

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