Boost Your Life-Force energy.

Recharge Your Mind and Body with Unique Pulsed Electromagnetic Activation Centropix KLOUD Mats.


A luxurious At-Home System

For Molecular Activation

Benefits of the KLOUD

  • More Life Energy
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Synchronization of Body Functions
  • Improved Bioresilience
  • Restore Natural Balance
  • Relaxation of Mind, Body & Soul
  • More Vitality

*Institute for Cell Biology Testing, Germany (2021)


Powerful. Flexible. Brilliant.

The Centropix KLOUD can easily be folded over the eight coils which will almost double the intensity of the signal. An award-winning and an innovative development, indeed!

Stress, Sleep Disorders, Lack of Exercise, Unhealthy Diet, Electrosmog, etc.

These life circumstances drain your strength and deprive your body of life energy needed for self-preservation mechanisms in the body. Once self-preservation mechanisms are weakened, the body is less able to defend itself against external stressors.

The usual consequences? Our joy of life decreases, and our well-being is fundamentally affected. Our solution: PEMA therapy using the Centropix KLOUD mats!

Centropix Kloud Sleep Disoder


Five Programs in Centropix KLOUD That May Change Your Life

R.B.E.S.T is the acronym to remember. R stands for Relaxation, B stands for Balance, E is for Energize, S is for Synchronize, and T stands for Transform program that you can select for your 15-minute KLOUD mini or maxi sessions. Below is a short description of what these programs have to offer and how they may improve your health and wellbeing.


Feel completely comfortable & warm. Relax after a hard day.


Feel balanced & present. Focus on the here and now. Let your energy flow evenly.


Feel the maximum of (life) energy.

Fitness & wellness of the simplest kind. More power in the long run - perfect before physical & mental stress.


Feel the synchronization of numerous body rhythms, body, mind & soul. Grounding & harmonizing.


Transform yourself from “exhausted” to “like new born.” Regenerate your “batteries.” Keep your inner vital forces also at full speed.


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What is KLOUD?

KLOUD is a patented wellness device developed by CENTROPIX. It is a PEMA (pulsating electromagnetic activation) applicator that can help optimize energy and performance, speed up regeneration, and protect against the harmful effects of non-thermal e-smog.

Who is Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka?

Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka is a physicist, neurophysiologist, and the inventor of the KLOUD signal technology.

What are the benefits of using KLOUD?

The KLOUD can support the well-being of humans and animals by increasing life energy, improving resilience, relaxing mind, body, and soul, and increasing vitality by synchronizing body functions.

Is KLOUD a medical device?

No, CENTROPIX does not provide any medical service. The products are not to detect, prevent, monitor, treat, or alleviate any disease. If you have health problems or questions about your health, always consult your doctor.

Who is Prof. Dr. Dr. Fred Harms?

Prof. Dr. Dr. Fred Harms is a scientific advocate of KLOUD. He taught as a Professor of Healthcare Management at the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Since 2013, he has headed the Institute for Health Services Research at Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna, Austria, together with Prof. Dr. Dorothee Gänshirt.

Who developed KLOUD?

Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka is the inventor of the KLOUD signal. He is a physicist and neurophysiologist who developed PEMA (pulsating electromagnetic activation), which has changed many lives positively.

What are the benefits of KLOUD?

KLOUD can support the well-being of humans and animals by increasing life energy, sleep optimization, improved resilience, relaxation of mind, body, and soul, increased vitality, and better synchronization of body functions.

How can KLOUD be used?

The Centropix KLOUD can be used twice a day for 15 minutes to relax the body, restore natural balance, energize, synchronize body functions, and keep vital forces turned up.

What is the ideal time and duration to use KLOUD?

The ideal time and duration to use KLOUD are two times a day for 15 minutes. The device can be used for relaxation, balance restoration, energizing, synchronizing body functions, and transforming vital forces.

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